Report on Positive Psychology CPD online 2nd September 2018

18 online attendees were treated to a riveting 4-hour interactive workshop on Positive Psychology and Mindfulness presented by Jane Perry, Organisational Psychologist.

Jane is also an Executive and Leadership Coach and Mindfulness Therapist.

The CPD event was a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills for use with clients and also for our own personal development. The main topics for the presentation were understanding the basics of Positive Psychology, increasing resilience and happiness, mindfulness, and improving character strengths.

Jane began by giving an overview of what Positive Psychology is and is not. Highlighting the work of Martin Seligman towards optimal human functioning, she explained that people are either in a state of being challenged or in a state of flourishing, and that the state of flourishing can be encouraged and improved through understanding and practice.

This was the first occasion where the online format had been used for an interactive presentation and the technology of GoToMeeting worked very well. Video and audio quality for the presenter and the 18 attendees was very good.

Some of the attendees online at the beginning of the presentation

We were treated to guided mindfulness exercises to reduce anxiety and stress, set an anchor point for relaxation, and an equilibrium exercise to hold awareness of positive and negative emotions at the same time.

Jane provided resource documents for creating happiness strategies and a measurement of current status quiz to recognise skills to deal with daily stresses. She discussed the 5 elements of the PERMA model (positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishments) and the importance of a daily practice of simple routines to encourage positivity.

The 4 hours flew by as we listened to Jane’s explanations and undertook the interactive exercises, giving feedback afterwards.

This was an excellent CPD event, which was free for current ICHP Graduates Association members and was the second CPD event offered this year. The Association looks forward to providing more events and also the next online group supervision on September 30th, again offered free of charge.