The Maldron Hotel, Dublin Airport

Positive Psychology & Mindfulness
plus Creative Writing for Wellbeing

Jane Perry – M.Sc.
Siobhan Macmahon – Dip Drama

In the morning workshop, Jane Perry talks about Positive Psychology and Mindfulness and the benefits of these techniques for both clients and therapists. She will give practical tips and techniques for improving positive focus on a daily basis. These will be useful for working with clients and for self-help.

In the afternoon session, Siobhan MacMahon talks about Writing for Wellbeing, Self-Expression and Creative Growth. The aim of this session is to provide the participants the with skills and knowledge to begin using creative writing techniques and poetry to improve Wellbeing, Self-Expression and Creative Growth.

This event will be of particular interest to:
Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Mental Health Professionals and anyone involved in mental health services in Ireland.

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