Photo Report on Ivor Browne and Paul Marsden CPD Event

Sat 20th May 2017, at the Marine Hotel, Dunlaoghaire, Dublin

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Questions and Answers Session with Professor Ivor Browne and Ian Epstein ICHP GA

Questions and Answers with Ivor Browne and Ian Epstein

The highlight of the day was the questions and answers session with Professor Ivor Browne, seen here enjoying a joke with Ian Epstein ICHP Graduates Association Chairperson.

The ICHP Graduates Association hosted a very special CPD Event which was open to the public as well as to mental health professionals. The venue was the beautiful Marine Hotel in Dunlaoghaire.

Paul Marsden on Stress and Bullying

In the morning session, Paul Marsden Educational Psychologist and ICHP Graduate, gave a fascinating talk about understanding stress and the effects of bullying. 

Paul discussed the stress which people feel from being bullied in the workplace or in relationships. He told us about the 3 types of  bully and that bullying usually follows a predictable pattern which is replicated over and over again. We also learned that men being bullied by women is very common.

Paul’s two-hour talk included ways to counteract the stress felt from the effects of being bullied. For example NLP techniques, resilience building and stress reduction techniques especially mindfulness.

We also learned that CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is very helpful in getting the bully out of the victim’s head, as bullies like to try and control their victim’s mind and keep them off-balance.

For references about bullying in the workplace, also understanding stress and building resilience, please download Paul’s further reading list on bullying.

To finish the morning session, Paul treated us to an eyes closed relaxation and stress reduction session which left us all feeling refreshed and revitalised!

Please click on any of the photos below to view them at full size.

Paul Marsden, Educational Psychologist talking to ICHP Graduates Association attendees 20th May 2017
Paul Marsden Educational Psychologist
Paul Marsden talking about stress and bullying at ICHP Graduates Event, Dublin
Paul Marsden talking about stress
Paul Marsden Educational Psychologist at ICHP Graduates Association CPD event in Dublin, May 2017
Paul Marsden speaking about bullying

Professor Ivor Browne on Understanding and Managing Stress

The afternoon session was presented by Professor Ivor Browne, retired Chief Psychiatrist. Ivor explained that stress is an internal event, and that people will feel differing levels of stress in the same event.

The level of stress we feel is dependent on how our amygdala (primitive part of the brain) responds to the things that happen in our lives.

It’s the way we process information and how we react to it emotionally which is important in how  stressed we feel and how we deal with stress.

Ivor Browne speaking at ICHPGA event May 2017
Professor Ivor Browne's presentation
Ivor Browne discusses stress
Ivor helping us to understand stress
Ivor Browne onstage May 2017
A lifetime of wisdom from Ivor Browne

Professor Browne explained that the heart and brain work together in constant communication. He emphasised that the heart is the real centre of our being, not our brain. The heart sends more information to the brain than vice versa.

When we open up the heart and relate to it, the heart has a balancing effect on our thinking, and it’s thinking that often brings us into a stressful state.

Ivor also discussed how we have so much indirect communication with each other in modern society, for example through social media. However we have much less direct personal communication which is one of our basic human needs.

The half-hour talk was concluded with some ideas for building resilience through heart-centred mindfulness, and being soft-hearted rather than tough.

Large attendance at Ivor Browne Event Dublin May 2017
Large attendance for Ivor Browne
Ivor Browne giving his views on stress
Ivor Browne talking about stress
Ivor Browne speaking in Dublin May 2017
Ivor Browne and Ian Epstein onstage
Ivor giving his personal views
Ivor Browne signing a copy of one of his books
Ivor Browne signing one of his books
Ivor Browne signing one of his books for a fan
Ivor signing his book for a fan

After the break for Afternoon Tea, Ivor kindly signed copies of his books for attendees.

Then Ian Epstein, Chairperson of the ICHP Graduates Association, joined Ivor Browne on stage for a relaxed and informal questions and answers session.

Attendees had been asked to submit questions for Ivor when booking for the event. Ivor gave us his views on topics such as:

  • sexuality and relationships
  • the power of the heart
  • the importance of feeling loved early in life so that you expect to succeed and be happy
  • early traumas, if not integrated, can be shut off and cause problems later
  • the power of laughter for seratonin release
  • integrating traumas first, then using CBT to see things differently
  • the only real change is the change we bring about in ourselves, but often we can’t do it alone
  • Therapists provide loving support and a safe space for clients to help themselves.
  • the difference between religion and spirituality
Ian Epstein with Ivor Browne
Ivor going onstage with Ian Epstein
Questions and answers session with Ivor Browne and Ian Epstein
Ivor Browne answering a question
Professor Ivor Browne with the ICHP Graduates Association committee members May 2017
Ivor Browne with ICHP GA Committee

The day’s event finished with Professor Ivor Browne patiently posing for pictures with attendees and members of the ICHP Graduates Committee.

Ivor was given a well-deserved standing ovation and he said that he hopes to give another talk for the ICHP GA later this year or in early 2018.

Some quotes from Professor Ivor Browne on the day:
“We should encourage the client to help themselves, with support”

“We need a fundamental change in our relationship with others and the natural and animal kingdoms”

“The client has to take over their own healing, all change and healing happens within”

“Medication is rarely necessary but some can be helpful in the short term”

“Spirituality begins where religion ends”

“Death is a transition to a different aspect of reality”

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