Kind Comments from attendees at
Ivor Browne and Paul Marsden Public Event

Saturday 20th May 2017, the Marine Hotel Dunlaoghaire

Loved Hearing Both Speakers

I loved hearing both speakers and thoroughly enjoyed the humour involved, whilst discussing such a heavy topic as "stress".

Thank You Kindly

Thank you kindly for today. It has been enlightening, educational, humbling, creative and honest. Resilience is the new buzz word!

  • Just love Ivor's frankness and humility
  • Beautiful day, both morning and afternoon talks were very enjoyable and educational
  • Loved the very relaxed and informal atmosphere
  • Educational, enjoyed both talks, taking away new tools. Namaste.
  • Would like to have a full day of Paul Marsden. Very good seminar.

Thoroughly Enjoyed the Day

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day - particularly the informal and relaxed environment in the afternoon. Lovely to listen to such gems of wisdom, together with spontaneous humour and wit - thank you Ivor.

Totally Enjoyed

Totally enjoyed Paul Marsden's talk, especially his humour and natural approach. Ivor Browne - what a legend - a privilege to be in his company listening to his wisdom.
Rosaleen Fodden

  • I loved the wholesomeness of it all, thank you for a good few hours
  • Thank you Ivor for answering so many questions relevent to my life situation
  • What a priviledge to listen to Ivor today - he reminds me of what it means to be sane, and truly human
  • Thank you for your patience, kindness and your heart
  • A most interesting, nourishing experience. Thank you

A Privilege

A privilege to listen to Ivor, in many ways it has confirmed the importance of the relationship in the therapeutic process for me. Enjoyed Paul's delivery earlier and found it very thought provoking.

Thank You So Much

Thank you so much for today, you have confirmed my true belief that we should all be living our lives from our heart base, and be more loving to each other. And all will be well in our lives.
Teresa xxx

Your Presence Today

Your presence today makes you visible in your wisdom and being. Thank you for being with me today.
Mary Foley

The Presence of Beauty & Love

To be in the presence of beauty and love is always a joy. When the heart, mind and intellect meet it creates true magic. Kathy Keane

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