CPD Event in Carlton Leopardstown Hotel, Dublin
Saturday 24th September 2016

Buteyko Breathing Techniques Introduction with Tom Herron

The Buteyko techniques teach the fundamentals of correct breathing, which means breathing through the nose with the mouth closed. When the techniques are practiced consistently for a period and the body conditioned, anxiety and high blood pressure can be reduced, pain relieved, and a healthier and fitter mind and body can be achieved.

Tom Herron from Northern Ireland graduated from the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in 1998 and has been working with individual clients and groups ever since. Tom treated us to a fascinating talk about correcting breathing with the Buteyko breathing method which was both fun and educational. His talk was entitled “Close Your Mouth for a Change”.

As Tom explained, over 80% of all the people we meet suffer from symptoms due to ‘Hidden Hyperventilation Syndrome’ (over-breathing), even though it is usually only diagnosed when the symptoms become severe.

“Close Your Mouth for A Change” gave us an introduction to the real issue of Hidden Hyperventilation Syndrome and we listened as Tom explored many of its’ symptoms.

He demonstrated how correcting your breathing can be of real benefit to us and our clients, whatever issues they present with. We learned:

  • The issues and problems associated with overbreathing
  • How to correct our own breathing to the optimum
  • How to assist our clients to correct their breathing and reduce their stress/anxiety quickly

Tom showed us some of the basic techniques of the Buteyko Breathing method in his very enjoyable and useful presentation. We all practised the exercises and had plenty of fun doing so as you can see in some of the photos below!

Child Safety Guidelines with Maria McCluskey[/fusion_title][fusion_text]Maria McCluskey has been working in Children’s Residential Care for the past ten years and is currently Social Care Manager of two children’s residential units providing care to young people aged 12-18.

Maria told us about Tusla the child and family state agency, and Children First the Government Bill which will soon enacted. We learned about the different forms of abuse which can happen, including how neglect  is defined; whether is is wilful or circumstantial, and the various degrees of neglect.

Maria made her talk very real with case stories and examples illustrating different types of neglect and abuse which she had dealt with during her career. She also stressed the importance of observation of children we come into contact with for physical or emotional symptoms of neglect or abuse.

Maria reminded us that we can ring duty social worker in our local area for advice about any concerns we have as therapists in relation to the children we see.

We also availed of the opportunity to ask Maria any questions about this often difficult aspect of working with children and young people.

This was a very useful and educational talk and it is also mandatory for therapists to update themselves on current child protection legislation every few years.

Maria McCluskey talking to ICHP Graduates AssociationMaria McCluskey talking to ICHP Graduates AssociationMaria McCluskey talking to ICHP Graduates Association

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