CPD Event in The Beacon Hotel, Dublin

Saturday 5th November 2016


The Garden School with Ciaran Burke

At the well-attended CPD event on Sat 5th November, we were engrossed by our four fascinating and diverse speakers and enjoyed a fun as well as educational day.

First up was Ciaran Burke of The Garden School in Dublin (www.thegardenschool.ie). Ciaran told us about the history of the school and how it runs RHS Accredited horticultural courses for unemployed people and those with learning and intellectual disabilities such as dyslexia or aspergers.

We discovered that taking these courses enables people from many diverse backgrounds to keep their minds active and be supported in the maintenance of good mental health, as well as the therapeutic aspect of horticulture and growing plants.

Other therapeutic aspects include exercise and channelling energy into productive pursuits, mindful attention to the present, stability and acquiring new or improved skills.

Ciaran was made an Associate Member of the ICHP Graduates Association in recognition of the therapeutic aspects of his work.


Mind Coaching and NLP Models of Excellence with Nuno Pires


After a tea break, we were treated to an exciting and interactive presentation by Nuno Pires, a Mind Coach who uses NLP Models of Excellence (www.beeawarrior.com). Nuno works with Conor McGregor the Irish Fighter and he had many insights to share about developing a winning mindset and the use of positive self-talk and visualisation of goal achievement.

Nuno taught us about modelling with logical levels and the components necessary for change. We were also coached through practical exercises with partners, one of which was to discover how we do what we do in a personal area of excellence, by asking a set of relevant questions.

To finish we worked through an enhanced version of the NLP exercise Circle of Excellence and everybody finished Nuno’s presentation ready to take on the world in our chosen field and win!


Speaking Confidently with Francis Radic


After a delicious lunch in the Beacon Hotel, we enjoyed listening to Francis Radic who is a voice coach and works with film directors and actors, as well as people of all ages who wish to improve how they use their voice and speak more confidently.

We learned how the sound of our voice is actually produced and the four factors influencing how we make our voices our own as individuals; what we hear, how we hear, the agility of our physical organs and muscles and how we choose to use our voice according to our personality and character.

Francis explained how we can project our voices further and speak more clearly by using our breathing, and we finished by doing some breathing exercises which would be useful to us as therapists since we are often talking to clients for much of the day.


The Work of Samaritans with Aidan Noone


Finishing our day’s event was Aidan Noone (www.aidannoone.com), who was regional director of Samaritans and is a member of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Graduates Association.

Aidan explained in depth the work of Samaritans; the organisation offers emotional support for people in crisis or distress and those considering taking their own lives. Samaritans’ data indicates that male suicide has increased by 35% since the financial crash in Ireland. Their service also extends to anyone in need of a non-judgemental and supportive listening ear and is entirely voluntary.

Samaritans have 201 branches in UK and Ireland, and 20,000 volunteers in total, with 300 in Dublin. The work of Samaritans emphasises our fundamental need for human contact, helping people to get a better understanding of their situation and to be aware of their options. The organisation stresses that people have the right to find their own solution to their own situation and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable CPD event which was very worthwhile for its varied content, with useful, relevant and educational presentations from our four excellent speakers.


More details about these presentations on the event page.