ICHP Graduates Association Committee Members

Our committee members are unpaid, working on behalf of the ICHP GA on a completely voluntary basis. They give their time and effort for the good of the Graduates Association and the Hypnotherapy Profession.

Please use the information below to contact the relevant committee member, who will be glad to assist you.

Ian Epstein ICHP GA Chairperson

Ian Epstein

Tel: 01-2960611
contact by email

Elizabeth Giles ICHP GA Secretary

Elizabeth Giles

Secretary and Membership Officer
Tel: 086 1984179
contact by email

Jennifer Murphy

Financial Officer
Tel: 087-2607771
contact by email

Edwina Mulvey Education Officer

Edwina Mulvey

Accreditation Officer
Tel: 087-6123174
contact by email

Susan McElligott

Research and Supervision Officer
Tel: 086-87769359
contact by email

Aidan Noone ICHP GA Child Protectin Officer

Aidan Noone

Child Protection and Marketing Officer
Tel: 085-7100511
contact by email

Ian Molloy ICHP GA Professional Standards Officer

Ian Molloy

Professional Standards Officer
Tel: 087-7411696
contact by email

Margaret Sutton

Accreditation Officer
Tel: 087-2455900
contact by email

Helen Ryle ICHP GA Webmanager

Helen Ryle

Webmanager and Social Media
Tel: 087-7734914
contact by email

Carmel Semple ICHP GA Vice-Chairperson

Carmel Semple

Tel: 086-3446673
contact by email