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Welcome to the ICHP Graduates Association Website

The official website of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Graduate Association.

The ICHP Graduates Association is proud to present
"An Audience with Professor Ivor Browne"
Saturday 27th June 2015, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Santry, Dublin
This event is open to the public as well as mental health professionals
Please visit for full details and booking.

Mission Statement

ICHP Graduate Association is the leading professional organisation of ethical Hypnotherapists in Ireland. We are dedicated to advancing the science and art of Hypnotherapy by achieving the highest standards in facilitating positive, empowering and lasting personal change.

Our aim is:

  • To continue raising the standards and advancing the field of hypnotherapy in Ireland.
  • To support hypnotherapists in establishing and successfully operating their hypnotherapy practice.
  • To provide a professional and unrivalled service to our members, the public and the media.
  • To maintain a code of ethics and practice and a complaints and disciplinary procedure to deal with complaints and issues from all sources.
  • To ensure ongoing professional development and professional supervision; encouraging high training standards.
  • To move towards a nationally recognised qualification in hypnotherapy; making representation to the government and other appropriate bodies.
  • To increase public awareness of the efficacy of these therapeutic techniques; bringing further into the mainstream the practice of hypnotherapy.
  • To promote within the profession the latest information on and techniques in hypnotherapy through our journal, workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Through affiliation with other national and international associations we aim to assist in the advancement of hypnotherapy worldwide.

Our members

Over the years members of the association have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from a multitude of conditions. Our members are specialists who provide a service quite distinct from a general medical practitioner or psychiatrist and are highly qualified in this field.

They are professionals who have completed a qualification that meets the associations and European training standards.

Members must have public liability insurance and abide by our code of ethics.

Advantages of membership

  • Certificate of membership for your office wall.
  • Access to discounted liability insurance.
  • Professional code of ethics.
  • Access to online resources via our website, members’ forum, latest news and more.  - To follow
  • Access to discounts for ongoing professional training
  • Listing and website link on our website referral directory.
  • Publish your articles or MP3's on our website to build your image.  - To follow
  • Supervisor support.  - To follow

To join the ICHP Graduates Association you must agree to be bound by it's rules and code of ethics and must have completed a satisfactory level of training equivalent to that received by ICHP members. To make an application please contact the association secretary.